I wish you a warm and sincere welcome to my website!! My name is Mary and I am a Crystal and Angel Therapist.  The crystals from the mineral kingdom have chosen me to work with them in healing our bodies, keeping ourselves in balance. The angels have chosen me to be their conduit in sending their healing energy to you through me. By using both the crystals’ energy and the angels’ guidance I am able to balance your chakras by sending their loving light vibration into your chakras, the “energy centers” of your body, so that you can be healthy and happy.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy or crystal healing, is a form of  “energy healing” or “vibrational medicine.”  Crystal healing involves the applying of crystals or gemstones on the body to facilitate a healing.  Healers place the stones on their clients' reclined bodies to balance the chakras and aura.  The aura is the subtle light all around our body. Chakras contain energy and are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts. 

When one of our chakras is blocked our bodies become unhealthy and imbalanced, meaning the vibration, the energy cannot flow throughout our body and we become sick and dis-eased and our auras become thinner and less vibrant.  Each gemstone houses its own unique healing and spiritual properties which is light energy and vibration. When placed on the human body these stones assist in removing the blockages by sending the healing energy into the body which allows the body to become healthy and balanced again.  Our auras become a healthy brilliant light around us again!


My intention with this 4 week course is to stimulate the curiosity, guide the process, address the questions and empower each student in their Journey through the Art of Crystal Healing.

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What is Angel Therapy?

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational “spiritual healing” that involves working with Archangels, Guardian Angels and Healing Angels to heal, protect and harmonize every aspect of our lives. Angel Therapy allows us to better understand our purpose and our mission in life by awakening our spiritual consciousness.  By cleansing our minds of emotional baggage, Angel Therapy increases our optimism about our own lives and about the world around us. 

Angel Therapy is a way we can connect with our angels and hear their messages for us.  Angels may also help us connect with loved ones who have passed who might have messages for us wanting us to know that they, our loved ones, are in a way still with us.  Angels will help guide us, but we have to ask them for their help since we have free will.  They are all around us and want us to be loving, healthy and just be at peace.



In the month of March we see the beginnings of spring!  During the cold winter months the ground is frozen and there is no growth and with March arriving this brings about a thaw which allows new life to grow.  The trees start to blossom, tiny green shoots sprout up from the ground, and birds and other little critters begin to venture out.  I love this time of the year with the sweet smells of the grasses and the sounds of buzzing bees going for the nectar of all the little budding flowers.  

February is the shortest month of the year but is filled with interesting facts and events such as...

January is the beginning of the year and many of us make new resolutions or new goals for the year with the high hopes of accomplishing everything we set out to do by the end of the year.  In the Earth’s northern hemisphere we are experiencing cold, windy, rainy and snowy weather whereas the southern hemisphere is having summer weather with sunshine, warmth and flowers galore.  I do enjoy the changing of the seasons, the gray days with chilly rain and thunderstorms, and the inky dark night skies dotted with zillions of stars.  These kinds of days make me feel like I just want to curl up in front of the fire, read a good book and sip a wonderfully aromatic cup of tea!  What do you like to do during January winters or January summers?




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