The repairing of the Aura (which may have been damaged from illness or negative energy attached to it), releasing negative energies that have attached to your body as a result of wakened aura, Mary uses the sage and feather wand to release the negative energy from your body.  Mary will place Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz Crystals forming a circle around your body, a protective grid around you. Mary will then place colored crystals on each one of your chakras.  The Healing Angels are called to assist in your healing by sending their divine loving light into your body and using the Selenite wand will guide the light energy to your crown chakra and down your body.  The amethyst pendulum is used to check the energy received in each of the chakras and to see if they are unblocked. If blocked the divine light is brought down into the body again.

$111.00 This session is approximately 60 minutes long.