December’s Musings

I am sitting in my room, sipping my tea and looking out my window watching the pouring rain and feeling absolute joy. I welcome this rain and when the first rain drops started I ran outside to lift up my arms, let it drench me while doing my happy dance. I thanked God for our rain it is so beautiful to have this gift.

 We have not had significant rain for several years and we were told to conserve our water because we are in a period of a long drought. Many people are negative about not having enough rain and are quite angry about conserving our water. Being angry throws negative energy outward. I, my friends and many others are staying positive because we are hearing from our guides and angels that rain is on its way. Yes the rain is here today and already the trees are lifting their branches to drink it in and I truly believe we will be receiving more rain this winter. Staying positive about this brings us more rain!

When we have challenges in our lives, remaining calm and staying positive helps us to “hear” our guides and angels who bring us messages or direct us to people who can help us. We all have our “mountains to climb” and the best part is we do not have to climb our mountain alone.  Knowing that we are not alone makes each challenge a little easier to bear. I for one love having my angels and guides supporting me and giving me messages or bringing into my life a new person at just the right time, which is called Divine Timing!

“Are we always going to have challenges?” A client asked me this question, I paused and thought about it and I said, “yes, I do believe so.” Life can be a challenge in itself. Many people have health issues or family challenges, or money issues. Have you noticed that when you stay positive and not panic over the situation that the “challenge” does not seem quite as intense as you first thought?  I used to be that person who would “freak out” over situations and I would cry out why me? Why me God why are you doing this to me? I have to laugh now as that was me the “drama queen”.  God did not do this to me this is me doing this to me. The more negative I became the more the situation became daunting! I was swirling around in this vortex of negativity. I am grateful to my angels for pointing me in the right direction. One day when I was on my computer thinking to myself “Angels, I really need help here!” And all of a sudden I “landed” on a website about this book called The Secret. This book helped me get out of that negative vortex it literally saved my life.

When you throw negativity out into the Universe this negative energy comes back to you. What is your intention? Do you want to be negative and continue receiving negative energy or do you want to focus on the positive and receive the positive energy? We all have free choice so our guides and angels cannot “step in” and make it go away but if we ask them for help, we can be guided to take that action to let go of the negative energy and welcome the positive.  You will find that the more you stay focused on the joy and happiness each day even though there is chaos around you, those mountains you are climbing will become less and less steep. Ask you angels and guides for help, we are not here to drive ourselves crazy with doing this and that alone, we are here to do what we came here to do and receive all the help we can possibly desire so we can do “our thing!” I recently pulled an Angel Oracle card for myself and the last sentence of my message was powerful, “Dear one let go of the steering wheel for a change and let us do the  driving, you dear one just sit back for you are going on the ride of your life!” Ok Angels I am ready to fly!!!!!!!