June's Musings

Hi Everyone,

I thank you for reading my musings today!

It has been a very warm week so I “had the knowing” to go to the beach and take a walk on this beautiful Friday afternoon.  As I drove into the parking lot, I was surprised to see how full the lot was, usually there is only a few cars parked here.  Luckily the angels “saved me a spot” so I pulled into it and parked my car and thanked them for this perfect parking spot!

I took the path down to the beach and passed many young college students who were walking down to the water’s edge too. They were happy and laughing, their classes for the week were over and it was time for them to play!  I smiled at them and they smiled back at me which made me feel good inside!  I climbed down over the rocks so I could get down to the sandy beach.  I saw more happy people walking their dogs on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze which was blowing off the ocean.  With the gentle roll of the waves I saw a few surfers out paddling their boards waiting to catch a wave.

There were young people down at the water’s edge throwing Frisbees while their dogs jumped up to catch the flying disks.  The girls were sunning themselves on their brightly colored beach towels listening to music.  I decided to walk further down the beach where there were less people so I could just sit and enjoy the solitude with the waves breaking on the rocks. While I walked down the beach, I watched the pelicans do their “nose dive” into the ocean to catch their dinner. I am always amazed how these large birds can dive in, come up with their beaks that look like a “bucket” filled with water and fish, then fly away!

I found my “rock” that I like to sit on and observed everything around me. I looked up at the blue sky and saw angel clouds floating over the ocean, this made me smile. Angels are all around me and this I know to be true!  While I am sitting and day dreaming, two little dogs run up to me and give me a lick.  I saw them at a distance and I just had that feeling these dogs were coming over to say hello!!! The dogs then scampered off into the ocean while their “handlers” were left far down the beach.  As I sat on my rock, I had a sudden vision from another time period of Native Americans working and playing on the beach. Their clothing was of animal skins, beautifully decorated with tiny shells and feathers. There was much laughter, talking and singing. I was caught up in this vision!

The local Native Americans are called Chumash and they lived in the hills and came down to the beach for various types of fish like halibut and salmon and shell fish like muscles and abalone. I saw the men fishing in the water with their nets while the children collected shell fish along the shore. A few of the younger women were laying seaweed on the sand to dry and were also collecting rocks and shells.  Younger children were running, laughing and playing in the waves with their dogs.  Some women were taking the rocks that they had found and were building a fire pit in the shape of a circle.  They then laid a fire of dried drift wood which was abundant on the beach.  The fire was now crackling and a large pot was then placed on the fire to cook the shell fish and fish that had been caught.  Some younger women were collecting tall pampas grass that grows along the creek bank. (The creek is called Tecolote Creek which runs deep into the canyon and empties into the ocean.) These tall grasses were being fashioned into small sleeping structures for their evening slumber. There was a lot of laughter and happiness on  the beach.  I was so caught up in this vision; between the “smells” of the fire, “hearing” the children’s laughter and talking amongst themselves and “seeing” the vivid colors all around me I “knew” I was there in that “time” and  that veil was lifted for me to see this happy beach scene! The beach scene of that era and the beach scene of the now are all “blending together.”  I love how the “veil” is being lifted and visions of past, and future are being shown to me.

I have been asking Archangel Raziel to help me heal away any fears that I have had from my past life so that I could focus and move forward in my current life. This angel is the angel for Past-life work and you can call upon him to help you with your fears of past life issues and he will. He has certainly helped me and I know he will for you too! I am thankful for all the help I am receiving as I continue moving forward in my current life.