May's Musings

Hello Everyone!

I am so happy you have “stopped in” to read my musing.  Have you ever heard the quote, “April showers bring May flowers?” That is what is playing over and over again in my head as I sit at my computer, putting my “memories” down from the gardening day.  The sky is clouding right now and moisture is building in those clouds for a spring shower tonight. My vegetable garden is all planted thanks to the angels and the fairies. The “fey” played and made me laugh while I dug the holes in my garden. The tiny seedlings were planted and now the rain will “nourish” and then the sun will “grow” the plants. Soon we will an abundance of vegetables to eat.

In order to prepare the soil I first had to pull masses of weeds which had grown over the winter months. These weeds were tough and the root balls were not coming out very easy as I had originally thought. So I knelt there struggling with every weed, the harder they were to pull the more I became frustrated. Then a faint whisper came into my head, “Do not struggle dear one.” I said, “That is easy for you to say, I am the one pulling out these weeds!” Then an even louder voice said in my head, “DO NOT STRUGGLE DEAR ONE!” At this firm statement I stopped pulling the weeds and said to myself, “wow I am being super negative!” I grounded myself so I could focus and be aware of my surroundings. I opened my eyes to the beauty all around me.  The brilliant colors were right in front of me, the blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the rainbow colors of the flowers and I felt the joy in my heart! When I looked at the weeds again I was amazed to see that I was more than half way done, how did that happen so fast I thought to myself? In changing my “thoughts” and “feelings” from negative to positive and silently asking the angels for help I realized I was “happy” working in my garden, it was no longer a burden.  I was grateful for the loving help I received and the fact that I am able bodied to do this work. Being outside was actually a wonderful and energizing feeling.

As I continued working, having made that decision to open my heart and my eyes, I saw more beauty before me. I heard that soft voice again which said, “look up”, so I did. What I saw was amazing!  There were twelve turkey vultures flying in formation above the tall eucalyptus trees. I have never seen twelve vultures flying together before; usually there are three or four at a time. To see these large birds soar so high made me happy!  They really are an interesting bird to watch because they fly like no other bird. When the temperature of the day rises and the heat from the ground raises higher these birds fly higher and higher in the sky. These are the only birds that can sense the ground heat from a thousand feet and more. Afterwards they flew away and I continued pulling more weeds and feeling much happier.  My job was becoming easier I noticed the root balls were literally popping out of the dirt. I felt at peace knowing that I was being helped by my angels!  I had the strong sense that the loving presence of angels around me was in fact both Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty and Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature. The more I felt the happiness inside me the more beauty was revealed to me.

The weeding was done and I was now ready to turn over the soil and mix in the mulch. As I was doing this, the bees were buzzing over my head and so were the butterflies. I knew that fairies had joined in the fun of gardening. The rest of the afternoon was spent digging the little holes for the tiny seedlings. Other visitors came over to say hello too. Lady bugs flew onto the tiny plant leaves, ants crawled around in the rich smelling soil and the birds perched on the fence watching quietly. Clouds were starting to form various shapes in the sky and all was peaceful. I am grateful for the angels and the fairies that visited me it made my heart fill.

 When we are in a negative mood, to recognize the negativity is the first step in releasing that negative and feeling that positive. What makes your heart sing? Asking for help makes the situation so much easier. Life should never be a struggle, open your heart and eyes to the beauty all around you and your life will become easier and easier just like our angels want life to be for us. Thank you angels!