June's Musing II

Have you ever “hit a brick wall” while on your path?  Recently, I have been experiencing many of these brick walls which are literally stopping me in my tracks. I have asked myself, “Why the brick walls just when I am going full speed ahead?”  My question is answered inside my head, “put the brakes on dear one.”  I then realize oh yes I am going too fast and it is time to slow down! There is something I am to learn here.

I used to feel that when I saw nothing but darkness in front of me that it was evil or something to fear. I now believe that this “brick wall” is not something to fear but something for me to accept and to understand about who I am and to know where am I going.

I am both dark and light, so hence the brick wall or stone wall or cement wall standing in front of me. While I am going “along with the flow” and happily skipping along my path which is light filled; then all of a sudden that darkness is in front of me, that wall comes up and stops me dead in my tracks.  I wonder to myself, “do I go around it, do I climb over it? How do I move this thing in front of me?”  The answer of course is in my head, “stop, and see what you must learn in order to continue forward.”  This can be very confusing, I am on my path enjoying what I am doing and then wham there is a huge wall in front of me!  Was this wall put in front of me by me? Is there something I must stop and do? When I asked myself these questions all of a sudden I had a vision of a “scene” from my childhood. I, my younger sister, and my dad were in this vision. I saw me as being very jealous of my sister and being angry with my father she got something and I did not. As soon as I “saw” these negative emotions in me I then realized that a situation in my NOW triggered these emotions. I knew that I must forgive myself for having these feelings of jealousy and anger, and ask for forgiveness from my dad and my sister.  They did nothing wrong it was my negative feelings, my issue not theirs. As soon as I realized this about myself and accepted who I am, asked for forgiveness and then let the negative emotions go, suddenly I saw my brick wall come tumbling down. The dark that was before me was now the light before me brilliantly lighting my path once again.

To recognize a negative feeling or emotion inside of us is “loving ourselves.”  We are all learning to release and let go which is very healing for us and for those who are with us.  Asking our angels questions and trusting their message helps us move forward. Although this may bring up issues from our past and we may see ourselves as “un perfect,” these are brought to our attention by our angels who love us unconditionally.  They desire us to forgive and let go with love for ourselves and love for others. Moving forward on our path, enjoying and loving our life bring us much joy!  Thank you angels for the messages, visions and for helping me heal by letting go with love.