July's Musings


One day I was sitting in my quiet space, my sacred room listening to the angels whispering in my head. I had been pondering about my energy, my power center and being rather confused about this. I then received an answer from Archangel Raphael who I had addressed this question to. My question was, “How do I send my energy safely to another and is this healthy for myself and my client.”

He answered, “Dear one, your energy is you own light and do not give this away to another nor should they give their light to you.” I then asked, “what about me being a healer and sending my healing energy, can I send healing energy to another?” The answer was a surprise to me, “no dear one, again your energy is your own light keep this in you.”  I was very stunned by this and said, “What do you mean?”  He said, “You are a healer, yes? And you may heal yourself and another yes?”  I was confused by this and asked, “Why am I a healer then if I cannot send my healing energy to another?”  I then went over in my mind about what I had been taught. And that lesson was to send healing energy either to the client lying in front of me or else remotely since energy has no boundaries. I have always asked for protection for myself and for my client before starting a healing session and called in the Divine for assistance. Then it came to me that to “think” I AM the healer sending the healing energy is EGO, but to go into my HEART “knowing” that I AM the Conduit for the healing energy to be sent to another is the loving way to send the healing.  I understand that I AM the conduit; I AM receiving the Divine healing energy that I asked for the healing of my client and then giving this to my client to receive as this is what he or she asked for, a healing for themselves. I was doing this already without thought, and when I started “thinking” my ego got in the way. To get out of my analytical brain and “just be” is to be in my heart space, hence the name divine healing with Mary! It is not about me the healer; it is about the divine healing the client!

Archangel Raphael then asked me, “Dear one do you understand your roll now?” I said, “yes, I feel very much at peace now with this answer and yes thank you for your explanation.” I then received the knowing that there are many modalities for healing and all healers are divinely guided to heal and to help their clients heal themselves in mind, body and soul.  I use the loving crystals which have healing and metaphysical properties. As I place each crystal on my client the energy that emanates from each crystal heals and balances each chakra or painful area in the body. In “calling” the Divine light to course through my client’s body is this healing energy which removes the blockages and painful areas in each chakra. When the blockages are removed, the light shines through the body from above the crown to below their feet. With this type of healing  that I was guided to do; gives to each client a “double dose” of loving healing energy from both the Heavens above; the Divine light and from the Earth below; the crystals’ energy. “As above so below.”

Many healers can get “caught up” in the “doing and the how to of this” instead of just being in their heart centers. We all are “healers” of ourselves and many of us are guided to help heal another heal themselves with divine guidance.

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