August's Musings

A few days ago my husband and I went to Big Bear Lake for a mini vacation. This area in the Los Angeles Mountains is very beautiful with its rugged looking mountains, tall evergreen pine trees and large rocks scattered all over the mountainside. Big Bear Lake is about 6,600 feet above sea level and the Summit is 8,700 feet above sea level so the air was thinner and so fresh to breathe in and out.

While we were driving through the forest of tall pines and seeing all the various rock formations we were very excited to “explore” all of the Big Bear area.  We love nature and to visit this lovely area was very rejuvenating to our bodies. Big Bear does receive snow in the winter months and has great skiing and snowboarding “spots” for their winter sports. In the summer, mountain biking is a very popular sport with twisted trails around the rock formations challenges all bikers.  The lake itself is wonderful for fishing, swimming and boating.

I noticed in walking around that people were very happy in this small community; It seems like a great place to visit or to live in. Since I live by the ocean in Southern California, I have not had an opportunity to ski the mountain slope nor ride a ski lift for that matter.  The ski lift in Big Bear is open all year for winter sports as well as the summer sports. I decided that I was going to ride the ski lift up to the summit with my husband; something I had never thought of doing since I had a fear of heights!

When Bill asked me to go with him, I did not hesitate, I just climbed on and did it!!! I let my fear go and I just went with the flow. The lift up the mountain was fabulous! I had no fear, only excitement for what I was seeing and feeling. I actually felt like I was one with the tall pine trees. My feet brushed the top of these tall stately trees and the smell of the pine was heavenly. As we climbed the air became more thin and more cool and fresh to breathe.  It was so quiet the only sound I heard was the bump of the pulley going up and on the other side going down.

I thought to myself, 

wow this is like flying, now I know how the angels feel when they are sweeping through the air, flying over the trees and looking down on to the beauty below them.

  I felt the angels’ presence and it made me smile, I knew I was loved and protected and that my husband was as well. The lift then stopped on the summit and we got off to hike around.  We hiked on a scenic trail and the view from where we stood was so beautiful, the mountains went on forever it seemed like, mountain range after mountain range. I was amazed at all the butterflies that were flitting around at such a high altitude, lizards scurrying around and many chipmunks were staring at us as we walked by their tree homes.  All of this was so uplifting and I was so thankful that I could take in all this beauty before me.