October's Musings


When I first started my spiritual awakening I listened to many on- line free seminar discussions about Spiritual information.  There was someone always mentioning Twin Flames, Twin Souls and Soul Mates.  I was very curious and wanted to know more about this concept.  My inner voice would ask if this a good thing for me or not. The more I read and heard about twin flames and soul mates the more confused I became. I finally came to the conclusion, why should I worry about this? I am with whom I love so why give our marriage a label? Does this make sense? Does anybody else feel this way? Am I way off base here? Is this judgmental to say?

When my husband and I met 44 years ago we looked into each other’s eyes and we felt a “familiarity, a knowing” that we have been together before. At this time we were 19 and 20 years so being “soul mates” was the last thing on our young minds. We continued dating and enjoying each other and we knew in our hearts that we were meant to be partners so we married a year later. Has our marriage always consisted of rose petals and sparkling champagne?  No, sometimes it is more like thorns and anti-acid.  But many times we have had those rose petals and sparkling champagne celebrations and still do! Is our relationship perfect? Yes and No, as both of us in our marriage partnership have that “ego” thing getting in our way but we also have the love to smooth it over! One thing I will say is that we always communicate with each other no matter what!  Maybe we do not always want to “hear it” from each other but communication has always been important in our marriage, and it has provided the basis for love, trust and honesty.

When I first heard the phrase “twin flame” I thought it was something to do with a double flame in a candle which to me is magical like finding a double yolk in an egg.  I honestly had never heard about twin flames.  After reading a few blogs about twin flames and soul mates I was kind of getting the “picture” of twins and soul mates. It bothered me though because I saw people around me really concerned about possibly leaving their partner and stating, “I am not with my twin flame in this lifetime yet so I had better go find him or her.” I too thought this for a second and got on the band wagon about it, meditated on it and felt that this is not for me. I am already with whom I desire to be with, my loving husband and I feel very blessed that I am. People seemed so sad and caught up in the labeling of twin flame, twin souls and soul mates that I personally felt that this was not right as they were forgetting their hearts as in, LOVE.

 I feel there is way too much drama over the “Twin Flame” idea and its emphasis to be with ones “twin flame” in this life time. I ask the question WHY? Why is this so important now in this lifetime?  I am really curious. I have seen marriages and relationships destroyed over the twin flame concept although maybe these marriages or relationships were already floundering? Is the thought of finding one’s twin in this life time and being together infectious and exciting? I can understand the excitement of finding one’s twin flame from the many blogs that have been written on the subject, for example “a love that is unconditional and transcends the ego.” This is a great statement; wow, having no ego, as in leaving the ego behind? Is this for real?

 I may be wrong or right about my “musings” on the twin flame and soul mate idea.  I mean no disrespect to anyone who is with their twin flame or soul mate, or who is seeking their mate.  I am happy for you if you are.  What I personally feel and know is that having a loving relationship with a person is of one heart and two egos! To me it means this:  Two people who are their own persons share their hearts as ONE heart beating together in a loving partnership.

Only you can decide for yourself what you truly desire for you and your loved one, whether the label of twin flame or soul mate or just being in the flow of love!  As I write this, a song keeps playing in my mind. The song that the angels have given me is by Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame, “Love the One You’re With.” 

Here is the link so you can listen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH3ruuml-R4