November's Musings

Fear and the Root Chakra

Have you ever noticed yourself having great fear when you are asked to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone into the unknown?  Is the unknown the outer limits of your capabilities? Are you only secure in knowing your capabilities and not venturing beyond? These are questions that I have asked myself and have asked my angels for clarification about.  I like having conversations with my angels as they have a great sense of humor as well as incredible insight.  They always have my back!

 These fear and insecurity factors have to do with your First Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra or Base Chakra, and which is located at the base of your spine.  When your root chakra is out of balance you may experience fear, insecurity, anxiety, vulnerability, a sense of not wanting to let your guard down, and not wanting to go and do something different.  You may have a sensation of sweating and clammy hands and feet.  You may also feel flighty and off-beat, not able to focus on your goals, spinning your wheels, and not able to get anything accomplished.

 When your Root is “closed” your energy is blocked which keeps the energy from traveling from your root up to your higher chakras and from the higher chakras traveling downward to the ground.  Health wise ,the “not being able to do anything” is because of that FEAR factor.  But just wanting to stay in bed with no desire to do anything may also cause health issues. You may have pain in your lower back, legs, feet, and your bowels may not function healthily.  Your sexual ability may be dysfunctional causing great stress for you. These are all symptoms of a closed or blocked Root Chakra.

 A perfectly balanced Root chakra is energy being able to move through your body without any blockages, from the top of your crown to the bottom of your feet.  Clearing, balancing, and opening your first chakra can help you get your “mojo” back instead of feeling like you're floating away or losing your grip.  Being in balance can help you relax, feel calmer and more secure, and you can let go of those nagging fears and insecurities.  It can help you gain the feeling that you truly are important in this world, and that you do have a purpose here.  Being in balance can help you stay positive about venturing out and doing something different and feeling at ease about doing it.

You are probably asking right now, Ok how do I get my Root Chakra healthy again?  Here are some ways to help the energy flow through out your body. 

  1. Walking barefoot outside on the grass, dirt or on flat rocks will ground you to earth and will help you focus on your goals.
  2. Eating red vegetables, red fruit (red is the color for the root chakra), and root vegetables will help ground your body.  Again being grounded helps you stay focused to meet your goals.
  3. Wearing and carrying red, brown or black crystals will help with grounding the body as well as protecting you from any negative energy that you may have around you.  This negative energy promotes that fear and these crystals help with blocking that fear.  Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Garnet, and Brown Tigers Eye are some common crystals for the Root Chakra.
  4. Meditating or listening to soft music that is peaceful and calming to you can help you relax. Take a few deep breaths and slowly let the air out will also relax you.
  5. Saying daily affirmations for example, “ I am perfectly safe, I am loved, I am happy and calm, I am loving who I am, I am enjoying my life, I am free to be me, I am protected by the Divine, I am enjoying adventures and seeing what is beyond my imagination. Saying affirmations daily can help you be at peace with YOU.
  6. Having balance in your life by creating order in your space at work or in your home by cleaning up the clutter around you.  Clutter can cause chaos and disorganization in your space and can throw you off your game.
  7. Being creative as in painting, drawing, crafting, gardening, singing and dancing can also help with letting go of fear and insecurities.

These are some ideas for you to get your “mojo” back and have a healthy and balanced Root chakra. This does not take the place of any doctor’s advice nor any medical treatment you may be receiving for your good health.  Using Crystals, listening to angel messages, eating healthy foods, grounding and taking care of your self goes hand in hand with your doctor’s prescribed advice, all for a healthier YOU.