March's Musings

Recently, I was driving my car to go and do my volunteer job which is a service I look forward to doing each month. I had my angel music playing, the sun was shining and everything was “coming up roses” as this song played in my head. All of a sudden a young man driving his car on my left started coming over into my lane and he was not even aware that I was right there. I was not able to stop or move to the right lane as I had traffic behind me and cement girders to my right. I think I screamed silently in my head for help from my angels. They heard me and came to my rescue!

 Everything started going in slow motion like someone had put the “T.V. remote” on slow instead of fast forward. I went to beep my horn so he could at least hear me since he could not see me, but the horn did not work! Something or rather someone took over my car, meaning that I was no longer in control of driving my car. I felt this incredible heat and light and I feel Archangel Michael was here to help since he protects us when we drive. I sat glued to my seat as I saw the young man and his car come closer to me all in slow motion as in some kind of weird dream. I was thinking to myself that any minute our two cars were going to collide so I stiffened myself for the impact. I cannot even explain this in terms of understanding but his car actually did move all the way into my lane even though I was right there in that same lane in that same spot but there was no impact! I felt that my car had been invisible or that something had been put in front of my left side of the car to prevent this crash as in some sort of energy field was placed there or we could have been in two different dimensions at the very same precise moment. He sped away not even knowing that we almost came to a collision. Part of me wanted to show him my fist in his mirror and the other part of me wanted to stop and kiss the ground! I thanked Archangel Michael for saving me from an accident. I really believe this strong loving energy was indeed the protection angel who I screamed for. Since I was on the freeway stopping was not an option so I kept saying prayers of thanks until I could get off the freeway. Once I came to my destination I sat quietly so I could remember what all had transpired. Was this a dream? Did this really happen? How did I and my car become invisible? I came to conclusion that I do not have to know any of the details all I have to know is yes indeed my angel came when I called!!!!! I am so glad he did, thanks Archangel Michael!!!!