Place your body in a comfortable position with feet flat on the floor and now close your eyes. Take  three cleansing breaths……..breathe in…………..breathing out….breathe in….breathing out……..breathe in….breathing out.

Let your body relax, your mind quiet and just be……..

Your angels have joined you in your room and desire to take you on an adventure. Take their hands and let them lead you out your room walking down a path that leads into the forest. It is dark and You feel the sadness in the area…… the air is stagnant and is very still and there is darkness everywhere. You asks your angels why are we here????? Your angels say for you to be still, listen and focus on what is all around you.  You think to yourself, OK I will focus on what I  see, feel and hear……. “I see darkness, I see the trees without their leaves, I do not see any birds flying nor do I hear their songs. I do not hear the water fall crashing on the granite rocks down below. I think to myself what happened to all the beauty here? As I walk this path with my angels we go deeper into the forest and there is a damp chill in the air. I see way ahead of me a very tiny flicker of light or else my eyes are playing tricks on me because I desire to see light amongst all this darkness.

The angels and I walk side by side and we hear the crunch of my shoes on the dead leaves that have dropped on the forest floor. As we become closer to the end of the forest’s path, the light is right in front of us and is burning brightly it is magnificent to see. After being in darkness, this light is tremendous and feeling the heat emanating from this bright light warms my body.

As I stop to stare at the bright light before me, my eyes adjust to its brilliance and I realize that this is a Merkaba, a huge crystal floating right above the ground. I remember that a Merkaba means: “Mer means love, Ka means spirit, Ba means soul. referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.”

My heart quickens as another rainbow shoots out of the top of one of the points. My angels step aside and announce to me telepathically that I am to go inside the Merkaba. At first I am speechless and my body does not want to move. I release the fear and step forward as I take the step and door opens up, crystal steps drop down for me so I may enter this enormous crystal. My angels come with me and we stand and look at the rows and rows of crystals lining the crystalline walls. Every crystal that has even been created is glowing on the crystal shelves before me. There is a high buzzing noise that my sensitive ears pick up on. As I become more used to the sound it is the vibrations from each crystal around me from low tones to very high tones each one has its own unique vibration. I am mesmerized by all of this beauty, a large rainbow colored angel comes forward. I know this angel is Archangel Raziel who is the keeper of the rainbow light and who opens our third eye if we ask him to. He speaks to me and said, that I have been brought here to take as many crystals as I can carry and bury them in the forest we just walked through. I ask how will I do this and he said you will know you have done this in your past, you dear one are a healer for Mother Earth. I then proceed to take as many crystals as I can carry, my angels carry many crystals too of which I am grateful for their help. We exit the Merkaba which then spins away and disappears in the sky. As we start our journey back into the forest, I bury a few crystals underneath the soil along the path I am walking on. As I step forward and look behind me, I see light and color sprouting from the ground. I am so excited to see the trees stand erect, leaves are growing on their branches, birds are flying in the sky and chirping, butterflies are flittering from one tiny flowers to the next that are springing up from the ground.  Where there was dark there is now  light. Each crystal that has been buried into the ground for Mother Earth has now brought back life back into the forest.

The angels and I continue this process of planting and watching the beauty take shape all around us. I bury a few aquamarine crystals by the edge of the dry water fall and all of a sudden the water is streaming down the cliff,  landing on the granite rocks below me. The sound of the water falling is music to my ears.

All of the crystals that the angels and I carried are now buried and we make our way out of the forest. I stop at the forest’s edge and look over this woodsy area and see such beauty before me and I thank God for all His creations. The angels take my hands and lead me back into my room. They thank me and tell me that I have done a wonderful job of helping to heal Mother Earth. I thank my angels for guiding me to do this as this filled my heart with such love, joy and peace.

NOW It is time to come back into your body take a few deep breaths bringing in and letting out……… Now open your eyes and shake your body awake………… Peace, Love and Joy to all