May Musings

A Meditation

Please sit comfortably in your chair, your back straight, with your feet flat on the ground and close your eyes. Please take a deep breath and let it out slowly and repeat this two more times.

Your guardian angels are at your side and they desire to take you to a special place, so take their hand.

The angels walk with you on a cobblestone path leading to a bluff.

Your angels say for you to walk with them up the bluff, it is a blustery day on this day, the wind is whipping your hair into your face. You look up into the sky as you climb to the top of the bluff and you see a large bird soaring with the wind, this bird glides along and you see it is a beautiful eagle. You want to be this bird gliding in the sky and soaring to the highest of heights without anything holding you back. Flying and flying from dawn till dusk. 

The angels direct you to climb down the bluff where there is a beautiful beach that has no one around.

As you climb down the sandy bluff, the eagle flies way above your head, and his mate joins him in his flight and they fly off together. You look down onto the beach and see that there are no foot prints and you think to yourself no one has ever been here before!

There is a log on the beach that had washed up on shore so you and your guardian angels decide to sit and watch the waves break on the beach.  You notice that even though it was blustery on the bluff, it is very peaceful and quiet on the beach. A bright colored object catches your eye as you scan the beach. You decide to walk towards this brightly colored object. As you walk and the waves gently swirl around your feet you come closer and closer to that object. The object is now by your feet so you bend down and pick it up. It is a coral colored shell and inside the shell is a small animal curled up in a ball. You smile and think oh this tiny animal has survived the ocean and landed on the shore.  You put the shell back onto the sand so the tiny animal can be at peace in his surroundings and you look towards the horizon. You see a small black tail splash in the water and you wonder if that is a whale. All of a sudden a large wave comes and two dolphins are riding the wave, the wave breaks and the dolphins swim to your side in the foamy water. They look right into your eyes and you hear their voices inside your head telling you to swim out with them. At first you hesitate and then you smile and say of course!!! At the next approaching wave you take their extended fin and swim with them to the horizon where you had seen the black tail of the whale. As you swim closer the dolphins are telling you that the mother whale wants you to save her baby calf from the net that is around her babies’ neck.  You wonder why me? The dolphins say because you are a healer and are needed. As you are swimming closer to the mother whale and her baby you see the distress they are both in. The baby is struggling and the mother is trying to calm her calf down. You take the net and ask for strength from all the animals and merpeople that have gathered around to help the calf be released from the confinements of the net. You find the strength in your hands and very gently you twist the net and stretch it till it rips in two pieces. The baby calf is joy filled and nuzzles you with her nose. The mother whale swims by your side and looks into your eyes and you hear in your head her loving thanks for saving her calf. All the sea animals are very thankful for your help in releasing the bondage around the calf’s neck. They tell you in all their musical voices that sings inside your head that you are very special and Mother Gaia is most grateful for YOU. The dolphins swim with you back to the shore where your guardian angels are waiting for you and they guide you back up the bluff. You find that you are not climbing as you had before but that you are gliding as your angels glide. The wind has stopped and all is silent as you make your way up the bluff, looking towards the sky you see the two eagles and they fly towards you, and they each give you one of their beautiful feathers. The guardian angels return you to your body, slowly open your eyes and slowly move your body awake and what do you find in your hand?