June's Musings

Recently I went to my dentist to have him take care of a molar that had broken and to receive a temporary crown.  While I was sitting in the dentist chair I was talking to his assistant Debby.  Debby and I talked about various types of healing methods used.  I was excited to find out that she too was “into” angels and crystals.   It is always enjoyable to talk about spiritual things with like-minded people!  As we were talking the dentist walked in and was listening to us talk about angels and the crystals.  He had a smile on his face when he greeted me and asked me how long I have been doing crystal healing.

As I was about to explain to him I saw a “floating” smiling face behind his right shoulder and I knew instantly that this was one of his guides.  I said to him, “gosh you are probably not going to believe me but I just saw an older gentlemen smiling behind you and I feel he is one of your guides.”  The dentist raised his eyes and said, “Who and what does he look like?” I said, “I feel that this gentlemen is your grandfather and he studied or had something to do with medicine. NO, actually I feel he had something to do with Eastern medicine?”  The dentist said, “oh my gosh that is my grandfather.  He passed about a year and a half ago and he did study eastern medicine.”  In fact the dentist proceeded to tell me all about this wonderful man and said that he was psychic and taught his grandson many things. Family members thought the grandfather was a “pyscho” and they called him that behind his back.  He did healing and was a very loving and kind man.

All the while that the dentist was working in my mouth, his guide was peeping over his grandson’s shoulder and smiling down at me.  I had to laugh since this was just so bizarre.  To be sitting in a dentist chair with a wad of cotton in my mouth, listening to the drill and have this sweet man smiling at me was like a dream!  He was looking quite pleased while watching his grandson’s work too!  Who ever heard of channeling and receiving divine messages while having one’s mouth worked on in a dentist chair?  I sure haven’t!

The dentist took the cotton out of my mouth and I said to him, “you still look worried, what is on your mind?”  He said that his father who was retired had injured his shoulder windsurfing and that the doctors said there was no cure, that there was no way to heal the sore muscle that was shrinking into a ball shape and was quite painful.  I then received another message from his grandfather for the dentist to go to his father’s house, lay his healing hands on his father’s left shoulder, while his grandfather, the guide, would put his healing hands on top of his grandson’s head so the divine light would come into the grandfather, then into his grandson, (the dentist) and then into his father’s injured muscle.  I was told that this would heal him.  All this time the assistant and the dentist were studying my face while I was speaking, saying that I was glowing.  I never knew one could glow as one receives messages from the Divine.

I will be going back to the dentist in three weeks for the permanent crown so I am curious as to what will happen next?  I am open to receive!!!  I thanked my angels for this wonderful message which was brought from his guide for the healing of the dentist’s father.  I am very grateful that I listened and was able to share this message without fear and doubt!