Take three deep cleansing breaths and allow yourself to just be at peace.  Archangel Ariel is with you and desiring that you take her hand.  Her gentle lion is with her as this lion never leaves her side.  You do not fear this beautiful animal as he walks with you and Ariel out of your room to the outdoors.  You notice that the day is lovely with birds and butterflies flying around.  Off in the distance is an enclosed garden that you are wishing to explore.

As you walk to the garden, you see a large wrought iron gate which has carvings of fairies and butterflies decorating it.  Ariel and her faithful lion open the gates and ask you to walk through.  You are very excited to see all these luscious flowers, trees and bushes, and all of the fragrances tickle your nose. 

Archangel Ariel escorts you to the center of the garden to a very large Banyan tree which has a massive trunk.  She tells you that this tree is the tree that provides fulfilment of wishes and other material gains.  It symbolizes Trimurti - Lord Vishnu is believed to be the bark, Lord Brahma the roots, and Lord Shiva the branches.  You have a knowing that you can now make a wish upon this magical tree.  Your wish has been given to the base of the tree for fulfillment.

After you make your wish, the lion nuzzles you to move away from the tree and follow him to the corner of the garden where there is a small pond with Koi fish.  The fish are happily swimming around and you notice there are gold, black and platinum ones.  The black fish stops and stares right at you and you then you hear all the fish telling you that this black Koi fish is your animal totem, letting you know that he is with you to bring about change in life circumstances.  You understand that each colored fish is unique in its own spiritual way and you thank this fish for being one of your guides. 

As you wonder about this lovely garden you see visions of fairies frolicking about in the radiant sunbeams.  They are dancing, singing, and riding the dragon flies all about.  Such merriment in this garden has you skipping and humming a tune which causes all of your fears, doubts and worries that you had before coming into this garden to be forgotten. 

You sway your body to the music and close your eyes and feel the vibrations of the trees, the flowers, the water swirling in the pond, and the insects and birds that are flying about.  As you open you eyes you spy a cute little gnome who is hiding under a large fern. You ask him to come out and join you in the dance with nature. The shy little gnome takes your hand and you dance around.  You feel something hard that he has placed in your hand and then he smiles and runs back to his fern and disappears.  You look in your hand and you see a golden coin, one that you have never seen before.  There is a picture of you on that coin and underneath the picture of you is a word: BELIEVE.

As Archangel Ariel and the lion guide you back through the gate and back into your room, you are thoughtful and smiling about the wonderful and peaceful time you just had and your new belief in this magic.  You thank Archangel Ariel and her faithful lion as you have been lead back into your room and then they leave. 

Now open your eyes, take a few breaths and shake your body awake and remember that magical coin and BELIEVE IN YOU!