September's Musings


I have often wondered what the difference between a vision and a dream is. I believe I have finally figured this out.  I have dreams almost every night and when the full moon is present the dreams appear more intense and longer. When the moon is a “dark” moon I do not even remember or feel I had dreams, even though I did actually dream. Some dreams we remember and others we may not recall. I used to worry that to dream was super important and that I must remember them or else!  Then I realized why worry, either we remember our dreams and write them down or we choose not to remember. Have you noticed that the more you worry about something the more you block yourself? Each night I say to my guardian dream angels, “May I please have pleasant dreams tonight and recall them too, thanks angels!” With their help I can recall most of my pleasant dreams.

Have you ever had this experience? During the daytime maybe you are quiet or doing a task when a vision flashes in your mind’s eye: is this a daydream or a vision? My feeling is that this is a vision meant for me to know something, remember, and to pay attention to.

One day when my two oldest daughters were quite young I had a very vivid vision. I was sitting in my chair deciding what to make for dinner when the vision just came into my mind’s eye. The vision was this: I was walking in our neighborhood with my younger daughter in the stroller.  My older daughter was walking ahead of me as she was too independent to hold my hand. As she was running ahead of me to the corner, an orange car filled with teen agers was racing down the street and ready to turn the corner. Everything turned into slow motion. I screamed my daughter’s name and told her to stop and I started running myself. The car was turning so fast that it jumped up onto the side walk where my daughter stood! The vision stopped and my mind’s eye went black. I looked at the clock and only 1 minute had passed but to me it seemed so much longer. I was vividly shaken with goosebumps galore so I ran and checked on my girls and they were playing happily with puzzles. I then went to prepare the dinner.  All thoughts on this immediately left my mind.

A few days later I had completely forgot about this vision.  My daughters and I decided to take a walk through the neighborhood. We were laughing and my older daughter tried to run ahead of me but I heard that car before I saw it and I remembered that vision! I yanked my daughter’s hand and held on so tightly she cried out. The orange car was racing down the street and took the corner so fast it ran over that curb where my daughter could have been standing! I thanked our guardian angels for this “pre-vision”, knowing that this protected my daughter from harm. This was my first experience of the difference between dreams and visions.