Dear God and Archangel Raphael, I need a miracle now. Please heal my body completely and restore me to health. Please clearly guide my path of wellness, support me in all ways, and help me feel whole and healthy now.
— Taken from Doreen Virtue's book "The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael"

My crystal healing room is centered in a very “highly concentrated energetic area.” I live in a canyon with the creek to my left a flow of water, mountains north of me, a powerful ocean to the south of me and the electric telephone poles to my right. As you can see the flow of energy is very strong without boundaries and allows the process of remote healing to come to you wherever you are. Since the crystals have their own healing properties and I am a conduit for Archangel Raphael’s healing energy, you will feel this wonderful flow of energy throughout your whole body.  This is a very positive and loving experience for you from the angels and crystals who desire to heal us.

Think of my room as your own private sanctuary; a room of peace, tranquility, love and positive energy flowing all around. Envision yourself in my room while I envision you here with me.  I see you here with me now; lying on the bed.  The crystals’ energy and loving energy from the angels brings about a peacefulness, which allows you to relax. Now close your eyes breathe and listen to the soft angel music floating in the background.

I light my three white candles while asking Archangel Raphael and his healing angels to surround us with their love and light. The flow of light and love and energy has filled the room, you are relaxed and now I lay the sparkling crystals on your chakras. The angels help me to know which crystal to place on you for the best healing for you. Each crystal has specific healing qualities for each chakra and other ailments in your body.
You may feel a “buzz of energy” or you may feel such deep peace, that sleeping is what you may do. Everyone reacts differently to the healing process. Breathe in and out, if you experience some pain, or releasing emotional issues; take deep breaths and feel the release of tension, emotions and/or pain.

The crystals will let me know when to take them off of you or you will ask me to take them off of you. The energy work will continue for a few days.  You may feel very relaxed and peaceful or you may have bursts of energy. Remember to be kind to your body, and except this healing process. During the next few days you may still release some pain, or your body may have some stiffness. This is perfectly normal as your body is healing itself by releasing emotional and physical “stuff.” Send love to your body and gratitude. Archangel Raphael will surround you with his green loving healing energy, please give him your permission and feel his love wrap around your body. Ahhh such a pleasant and joy filled “feeling!”

Thank You crystals and angels for healing me!!!!.



My true estimate of myself has nothing to do with opinions, only inner truth
— Angel Wisdom by Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain

I have been asked time and time again which crystals are my favorites.  I have to say that all the crystals I have with me are my favorites. I love every one of them and each one has its own unique and special healing properties. For example the crystal skull pictured in several of my photos is what I call my “master healer” crystal.  The Skull enhances all of the other crystals energies during a healing session, so my skull is always right beside me.  The crystal skull guides the other crystals and sends positive energy throughout the room where the healing is being given.


Cleaning Crystals

All crystals must be cleansed when first purchased or received as a gift and then programmed before using them on yourself or others. They also must be cleansed again after being used.

My personal way to cleanse crystals:  First, run the crystal through warm clear water or place in rain water.  Second, dry the crystal by placing on a soft cloth as in silk or velvet, light a candle and say “God, grant me the ability to see clearly and lovingly, this beautiful world I live in. Help me to connect deeply and spiritually with each and every one of your creations, including these crystals I have here with me. Help me to know their healing properties and put them to good use, for the greater good of the whole world and may your will be done, now for and ever. Amen.” Third step is to sage the crystals waving the smoking sage back and forth a few times over and under each crystal as their final cleansing.

Programming Crystals

The way I personally choose to program each “healing crystal” is by placing each crystal on my third eye (one stone at a time) and state what I would like that particular crystal to heal for me or for others. For example; to program an aquamarine crystal I would ask it to open my throat chakra to help me communicate with others lovingly. If I am programming crystals for mediation I place them on my third eye and intuitively know what the crystal is telling me. To meditate with crystals is very uplifting as you may “see” visions, “hear” humming or you may have dream recall.

After a crystal healing session I cleanse them with running water or rain water, then I sage them. They also love being left outside overnight at full moon to bask in the moonlight.   I know my crystals are happy with this type of cleansing because I see them sparkle and glow and the energy emanating from them is very strong. There are many ways to cleanse and program crystals but I have found that this is the way my crystals are happy and full of energy in my care.

Below is a list of my favorite healing crystals:

Angelite, Purple Flourite, Celestite, Amethyst Point on Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Charoite, Clear Quartz points, Tibetan quartz, Sodalite, Labradorite, Yellow Calcite, Moss Agate, Kyanite, Bloodstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Moonstone, Mookaite, Selenite, Orange elestial, Garnet. Single and double point quartz and my crystal skull.

Finally, my feather wand made from two turkey vulture and one crow feather with attached quartz crystal pendant.