April 2013

The month of April brings rainbows and sunshine to the Earth.  After the winter of gray and white, splashes of color line the walkways, hillsides and meadows.  Spring rain makes grasses and leaves all various shades of greens. Flowers of every color of the rainbow are budding out.  After a rain shower the sun shines through a rain cloud throwing brilliant rainbows across the sky. This is why I find the Diamond a perfect gem for April for when the light hits the facets in the crystal brilliant rainbows shoot out in every direction. Rainbows bring joy and a sense of peace.  I wish all of you much joy, peace and love in your life.

Upcoming events:
I have been invited to give another Crystal Workshop at The Enchanted Cottage on April 13th. I will be available to give crystal healings after the workshop to all who desire a healing. I look forward to seeing you at the Enchanted Cottage, if you happen to be in the area on this magical day please stop in! You will love the energy here.
On May 13th I will be a guest on the Blog Talk Radio’s Healing Fountain All of you are welcome to listen in.  More details will be given in the May newsletter.

April 2013
Special Offer $40 - Rainbow Crystal Chakra Balancing

My special for April: “Rainbow Crystal Chakra Balancing.”   for $40.00. In this balancing I will use the colored crystals associated with each chakra along with a Herkimer Diamond placed on your crown. This 20 minute session will send light throughout your body clearing and balancing you. Note: You can receive this healing energy from anywhere in the world. I conduct all my remote healing sessions via Skype.
To make a booking, please contact me on my website:
Divine Healing with Mary  
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Crystal of the Month:

The Diamond is the stone for the month of April.  This crystal is very powerful and corresponds to all chakras. The vibration of the Herkimer is high to exceptionally high. When placing this crystal with others it will increase the vibration of all the other stones near it.
Herkimer is double-terminated as it helps to break up old patterns and retrieve parts of the soul that fragmented in other lives and bring these “parts” together. The Herkimer is one of the oldest Quartz Crystals, formed under water hundreds and millions of years ago, holding much wisdom of the ages.
These crystals are energy detoxifiers, used in grids or placed on all chakras. Placing the Herkimer on your crown chakra will draw energy into your body sending light throughout your body opening up your energy centers releasing the blockages. When placing this crystal under your pillow it will bring peaceful dreams and will help with the recall of dreams.
The Herkimer Diamond is one of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity. You can block geopathic stress by placing a grid of large Herkimer Diamonds around your home or bed positioning yourself inside the grid.

With Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy
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