April 2014

Hi Everyone!

I am grateful you are reading my April musings today!! I am going to share with you about my amazing experience I had with Archangel Michael.  I have always felt Archangel Michael’s very “big presence” but from afar and not up close and personal.  I understand that he is very respectful of people and keeps a farther distance because of his intense energy; I assume he did not want to “knock my socks off“ because of that strong energy emanating from him. I had that opportunity to experience this first hand and it was so exciting!

Last February of 2013, I was invited to teach a Crystal Healing Workshop on a Saturday at the Enchanted Cottage in Bakersfield, California. The weather had been raining all week and the drop in temperature had made for snowy conditions in the mountains. I was to leave on Friday afternoon, but my brother called me (as he lives in Bakersfield and I was going to stay with him and my sister in law, who works at the Enchanted Cottage as a medium) to tell me that it was snowing on the mountain at a very low level and the Highway patrol would most likely close the road after 12:00pm that day. He wanted me to leave as soon as possible as I had almost a three hour trip ahead of me.

I had everything packed and threw it all in the car and was on my way, listening to Doreen Virtue’s CD, Clearing with the Archangels. The road was slippery and the rain was heavy and I kept sending love and light ahead of me. I knew I was not alone, many loving presence were in my car with me, encouraging me to keep sending the love ahead of me and with the CD playing in the background I felt protected and loved. I continued my drive to the beginning of the mountain grade.

As I started up the mountain grade, the snow was coming down on my windshield fairly heavy, and the roads were being “sanded” by large tractors and trucks.  There were snow plows that were clearing the roads of the slippery ice. I could see a long line of cars in front of me and behind me, all of us driving slow wondering if we were going to have to turn around at any moment, but somehow I kept having that “knowing inside” that everything is safe keep going. I thought of this as an adventure; I am a Southern California “girl” who has lived by the ocean all my life, I had never driven in snow and had never seen a snow plow.  I continued my journey feeling more and more at ease and loved.  As we crawled up the grade my music just had changed to my Angelic Music CD.  The angelic music and voices singing was most peaceful which is what I desired, because all of a sudden right before me was a total “white out!”  I could see nothing in front of me and there was a “hush” all around me, of total silence and then the Archangel Michael song came in on my stereo.  I felt this huge presence of incredible light energy sitting right next to me in my car wow did I have goose bumps. It was hot in my car, but it was about 28 degrees outside!!! I knew Archangel Michael was with me keeping me calm so I could drive my car even though I could not “see” ahead of me with my physical eyes but I “knew” intuitively what was ahead of me which was more snow and cars.  I actually wanted to laugh and wave to this older gentleman who was to my right in his car.  He was so close that I could see he was frightened and was gripping his steering wheel as if it would fall off. I wanted to reassure him that we were going to be fine and would make it down the grade, but he never looked my way.  As we drove down the slippery grade which is quite steep, I had no fear,  that strong presence with me was so reassuring and loving I knew I had nothing to worry about I was totally protected. When I finally arrived at the bottom of the grade, it was clear and beautiful, the snow had stopped.  Archangel Michael then touched my shoulder and left. I said my “thank yous” to him and all the Divine for keeping me calm and safe and continued driving to my sister-in-law and brother’s home.

Every time I call upon this loving Archangel I feel him right next to me, usually on my left side and then I get that strong tap on my shoulder and I get that “knowing” that everything is going to be OK and sure enough it always is!!!!! The more you ask and talk with your angels the more they “let” you know they are there with you. They love us unconditionally and no matter what you ask of them they do for us. There is no ego involved just their pure love for us.  If you feel nervous or have fear in communicating with them, ask them to help you release this and they will because THEY LOVE communicating with all of us. Thank your angels when they do talk with you and help. “I am so grateful that you are always with me dear angel thank you for your help.”


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I will continue giving Angel and Crystal Workshops through Skype, if you are interested please email mary@divinehealingwithmary.com.
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Blessings to all of you!