February 2014

Hello Dear Ones,

As I sit at my computer desk a strong “knowing“ comes to me to leave my house and go to the beach. Life has been crazy busy lately and I have been in “super drive mode” so the desire to head to the beach for some peace and quiet, no hesitation here.
I am grateful that I listened to my inner knowing, the beach is peaceful and quiet and no one is here but me and my angels. As I sit on the beach, the huge waves are pounding the shore, and I look up at the sun only to see it filtered by the fog which is a blanket over the sky.  The pelicans fascinate me as they dive into the ocean head first to catch their prey.  Even though the waves are crashing with thunderous strength on the shore and the rocks are rolling back and forth like cannonballs in the pulling of the surf I can hear the frogs croaking and the birds singing.  I feel very blessed to be here in the “now” and I am that peace, I AM.

Since I am the only one walking the beach, I feel and hear my angels whispering their loving and encouraging messages to me. The unconditional love that I am receiving from the angels fills my heart to overflowing, I am that loved, I AM.

February always reminds me of LOVE. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th so many will receive and give cards, flowers and gifts to each other. The greatest gift that we can possibly give ourselves is pure unconditional love. When we truly love US, for who we truly are, releasing all ego, fear and judgment of ourselves, we are that pure unconditional love for self and our hearts are fully open. Archangel Chamuel is the “love angel” of the Pink Ray, the Eyes of God, and Divine Love. When you ask this angel to come to you and help you with finding the love for self and for another he will come to you.  “Ask and you shall receive.”

THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL OFFER $60 - A Love Attunement with Archangel Chamuel
This includes a green and pink crystal grid placed around your Heart Chakra. Mary will call upon Archangel Chamuel to surround you in his pink ray of Divine Love and Light and he will place a beautiful gift in your heart, Mary will then place a loving crystal grid of pink and green crystals around your heart chakra to protect this gift in you.     
The healing sessions are done remotely through Skype.


♥ Happenings ♥

I will be presenting an Angel Workshop at the Enchanted Cottage on March 7 (Friday night 6 to 7:30pm) and I will be available to give angel card readings all day on Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th. I will also be available to do crystal healings for anyone interested.I will also be presenting Crystal Workshops and Angel Workshops via Skype if anyone is interested. Please pre-book your spot for the workshop. In March I will also be a guest on the Blog Talk Radio Show, Healing Fountain. I will keep you posted on my Facebook page of the date and time.

I wish you all a loving and blessed February,