March 2013

The month of March is the time for rebirth.  Winter is coming to a close and spring is starting to show its colors.  Since the ground is warming, many green shoots are starting to break through the ground, trees are starting to bud and the air is fragrant with new flowers.  Butterflies are fluttering and bees are buzzing from flower to flower. Birds are singing their songs and the animals that have been hibernating are now out and about foraging for food. I love this time of year when living “things” come alive again with color and energy!

Upcoming Events:

I want to thank all of you for listening to the Blog Talk Radio’s Healing Fountain on February 18th that I was an invited guest for. Many of you sent loving support and I am most grateful for your comments. I am happy that you were all able to receive the healing energy that Archangel Raphael sent through me to all of you. If you missed the show you can catch the replay HERE.
I had a wonderful time at The Enchanted Cottage on February 9th teaching a Crystal Workshop. I am looking forward to giving monthly workshops and giving crystal healing therapy to customers.  I am also available for giving remote crystal healing therapy in the privacy of your home.  The energy in the Enchanted Cottage is very powerful which enhances the healing from the crystals and angels. My next workshop date is April 13th which I am looking forward to. Thank you Bruce and Stan for the invitation!

March 2013
Special Offer $35 - Cleansing the Aura with Basic Energy Charge

Since March is  the month of rebirth, I am offering to give you a “super spring recharger of energy".  The Cleansing the Aura with Basic Energy Charge is normally $50.00,  and just for March I will be offering it for $35.00. I use my feather wand to cleanse your aura, sage and place quartz crystal points all around your body, and place one on your brow, your chest and  on your navel, feet and hands. This healing can be done remotely via Skype, so we do not need to be in the same room for you to receive this wonderful healing energy with Archangel Raphael.

To make a booking, please contact me on my website:
Divine Healing with Mary  
send me an email to:

Crystal of the Month:

The aquamarine is a high vibrational stone.  The color ranges from light green to light blue. The crystal’s name means; “water of the sea.” Its color and strength come from iron. In Roman Mythology, Neptune the god of the sea, the aquamarine was his stone. Sailors wore this stone as an amulet to protect them from sea monsters and to give them safe voyage.
The aquamarine can be placed or worn as a necklace on the throat chakra, reducing swollen glands, and preventing swollen tonsils.  Aquamarine has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland and is a helpful treatment for problems with the vocal cords and speech. When placed on the third chakra it relaxes the solar plexus and aids in digestion. This stone also protects against seasickness.
Magical Properties:
This crystal symbolizes peace.  It encourages a gentle nature and personality in the wearer. It helps with letting go of judgmental tendencies and for taking responsibility for one self.

With Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy