March 2014

Hi Everyone,
I am grateful that you are reading my “musings” today!  I would like to tell you about listening to those soft loving voices that come from deep within your heart and why it pays to take action on what they have to say.
This morning I woke up feeling stormy and crabby without knowing the reason why.  I asked my angels "why the crabbiness and discontent?"  The answer I received was, “go to the beach dear one.”  I then said out loud, “I do not have time today to go to the beach and besides it is looking like rain outside so no thank you.”

I continued my morning ritual of chores with this gnawing feeling of having forgotten something.  The voice in my heart kept getting louder and louder, “Go to the beach dear one NOW.”  I said, “Alright!  I am going!” I found my car keys and drove to the beach, got out of my car and looked around.  I noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot.  I laughed and asked myself out loud “why am I here?” I heard ”WALK.” I looked up at the sky and noticed the dark ominous looking clouds and thought I had better start walking fast; the rain is going to dump on me any minute!

As I walked down the path that leads to the beach I did not encounter any animals, birds or insects.  Despite the dark sky and crashing waves on the shore it is very quiet and very serene.  My “storminess” was leaving my body while standing on the shore.  As the waves lapped at my feet, no longer was I feeling stormy and crabby. Ever since I was a young girl I learned that coming to the beach always soothed my soul.  Then I heard “you are not done yet walk further dear one.”  I am laughing now, a huge chuckle, thinking I am crazy or what?  So I walk further down the beach with that forceful voice telling me to keep going.  I finally arrived at a small cove where there were huge rocks to sit on,  so I just sat for a while. 

Have you ever just sat and watched the big wave’s crash on the rocks and throw spray high up into the sky?  I love to watch this, it is so beautiful to see, a wonderful feeling of cleansing and of deep peace.
As I am sitting on the shale rock breathing in the ocean air all of a sudden I hear the sound of pebbles being thrown in a cove the left of where I am sitting.  My curious nature got the best of me so I got up to go and see where the sound was coming from.  To my surprise I saw an elderly gentleman with a walking stick, throwing pebbles at the cliff side.  I heard his boyish giggle and saw the joy on his face and I had a sudden vision of a young boy instead of the “old man.” The “young boy” was throwing pebbles as high as he could aiming at large rocks. Now I was laughing and I knew instantly why I was supposed to be here at this time and at this particular spot.  My life has been so busy lately, I had forgotten to “play with my inner child and JUST BE.”   Thanks Angels I am so grateful I listened to your voices, and took action! I am taking care of and loving that child within me!


Mary will place three or more Crystal skulls together with other associated chakra crystals on your chakras to enhance your healing and your energy. The healing session will open, clear and balance your energy centers. Healing sessions are done remotely through Skype.


♥ Happenings ♥

I will conducting Crystal Workshops and Angel Workshops via Skype if anyone is interested. Please pre-book your spot for the workshop. In March I will also be a guest on the Blog Talk Radio Show, Healing Fountain. I will keep you posted on my Facebook page of the date and time.

Blessings to all of you and wishes for a joy filled and abundant month,