May 2013

May is the month of beautiful blue skies with ethereal white clouds floating by.  The colors of the Angelite crystals remind me of May skies.  When May arrives the first day is a celebration, called May Day.  In the Celtic calendar, this is the holiday of Beltane. May Day  begins the first day of the growing season, after all signs of frost are gone, which will no longer ruin the planted crops.  Beltane is a fertility celebration, and beautiful nymphs would run around the May pole winding brightly colored ribbons around it in a special dance for midsummer. The sky would be a brilliant blue and the sun would shine for long hours throughout the month of May ripening the crops. The fertility celebration would continue into the evening when all the nymphs and their partners would frolic under the stars.

Upcoming events:
The Enchanted Cottage has invited me back to do crystal therapy on anyone who would like a crystal healing during the weekend of May 31st through June 2nd.   I will also be teaching a course on Crystal Therapy at the Enchanted Cottage in late June, a 3 part session of classes, one each month during the summer. A certificate of completion will be given after completing all sessions.  I look forward to teaching this wonderful course so you too can be a crystal therapist.
I will be a guest on the  Blog Talk Radio’s Healing Fountain on Monday May 13th, time would be 5:00pm Eastern; 4:00pm Central, and 2:00pm Pacific time.  Please feel free to call in during the show time as I will be taking callers and giving angel and crystal readings for each one of you. Hope to see you on the show and thank you!

May 2013 Special Offer $25 - Angel Oracle Card Readings
The Angels can help you find the answers you are looking for through positive and helpful messages. For the month of May I will be running a special for an Angel Oracle card readings for $25.00. We can skype or I call you by phone or through email. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

To make a booking, please contact me on my website:
Divine Healing with Mary  
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Featured Crystal for the Month:

The Angelite Crystal is a beautiful blue stone with white inclusions.   This crystal connects one to the Angelic Realm, and enables one to have “out of body journeys” while still being able to remain connected to everyday reality.  Angelite stimulates the throat chakra, helping one to speak one’s truth. It also helps one to be more compassionate and accepting especially when things cannot be changed. Mentally the Angelite can facilitate telepathic contact between minds. It also brings one a deeper understanding of mathematics. Spiritually this crystal creates a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. It helps one to open to psychic channeling and stimulates healing in one’s body. The stone can act as a diuretic in weight releasing and can be placed in a glass of pure water over night and drank the following morning. Angelite can cool the pain of sunburn by placing the cool stone on the burn or spraying the angelite water that the crystal was placed in overnight.  Angelite is a powerful tool for healers as it deepens attunement and does heighten perceptions and provides protection for one’s body while performing crystal therapy on others.

I wish all of you a happy May Day, filled with blue skies and angel clouds!  Blessings Be Everyone.