November 2013

Hello Everyone!

In this month's newsletter I want to introduce you to your Guardian Angels and teach you how to communicate with them.

We are all given Guardian angels before we are born and they will remain with us for throughout our whole lifetime. They are always at our side unless we ask them to meet with another’s guardian angel for a brief moment in time or be on a mission for us. We are never alone because another angel is always by our side while our guardians are on a mission. Every single person has a guardian angel or angels who protects and looks after us.

Our guardian angel keeps the divine blueprint for our life, which we agreed before we were born, and he or she whispers guidance to us to keep us on our chosen spiritual path. Usually we think the whispered guidance of angels is our own inspired thoughts or bright ideas! If our soul has agreed that we need an experience, illness, or accident for our spiritual growth or even if it is time for us to pass over, our Guardian Angel must step aside. No one can contravene the free will of our soul. However, if this is not the case, our guardian angel will step in and help us. “Remember to say ‘Thank you’ when one has had a near miss in one’s car!”

Our guardian angels desire to communicate with us but many of us “fear” the unknown and therefore “block” ourselves from seeing them or feeling their energy around us. Here is a suggested way to have communication with your angels.   “Sit quietly, light a candle, “envision” your angels standing right by your side (because they are) and ask them to help you release your fear. Our angels love us unconditionally they would never harm us. Ask your angels to talk with you and show themselves to you.  You may hear them speak in your ears, your head or in your heart and this is truly them communicating with you. When you have those inner whispers you will also feel an incredible rush of love and joy all around you, this is them loving you.  You may even see sparkling lights or orbs dancing around you, which are angels.” As we become more and more comfortable talking with our angels, more ideas, wisdom and messages will be revealed to us as they guide us on our journey.  Our guardian angels love it when we ask them for their names. Sit quietly and ask them for their name it will be said to us and one will hear it in either in our heart, ears or inside our head.  The more we allow the guardian angels into our hearts the more beautiful our lives will be.


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This months special is a 30 minute Angel Oracle Reading where you will be given the opportunity to receive a message from your Angels and Guides. The cost is $25.00 for a half hour reading and payment can be made through PayPal. The reading can be done through Skype or via email.

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Upcoming events:

November 2nd  A Crystal Workshop from 10:00am -12:00pm;  Informative Discussion about Healing, Protection Properties and Dream Recall abilities of Crystals; given at the State of Being Wellness Learning & Spiritual Center, 5276 Hollister Ave, Ste.  156 Santa Barbara, Ca. Please send me an email to preregister, thank you.

November 8th  An Angel Workshop: How to Communicate with Your Angels, from 6:00pm -7:30 pm at the Enchanted Cottage, 30 H St.; Bakersfield Ca.   please call 661-323-9929 for further information and to preregister, thank you.

November 9th Angel Card Readings and Angel Messages  I will be doing readings at the Enchanted Cottage all day, please call 661-323-9929 for an appointment or just come on in.

Thank you to all those who listened in to the Blog talk Radio Show on October 28th. If you missed it you can catch the replay here.

Wishing all of you a joy filled November.
Love & Angel Hugs