September 2013

Featured Angel for September 2013 - Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon is known as the Sacred Guardian and his name means “Brother” or "Brothers Together". He is twin brother to Archangel Metatron and together the brothers preside over the entrance to the Kabbalah Tree. Sandalphon acts as the “go between" to receiving answers to your prayers. In the Talmud he is described as being the deliverer of prayer between Earth and Heaven. He is a very gracious and gentle angel and if you ask him he will support you in developing a closer connection with God and your own spirituality. He will also help you to feel the love of the Divine and the security of knowing that you are truly watched over and cared for by all the angels.  He has a great love for music and art so you may call upon him for his help with your own artistic creation.


His message to you:

"Stand with me now and let your feet feel the firmness and love of your Earth Mother. Turn your face to the sky and feel the warmth and love of the Creator. Cradled as you are on this beautiful planet allow your heart beat to slow and merge with the pulse of the Earth. Feel her soul merge with yours. Everything you do and every thought you have affects her, affects your co-travellers and also affects your Self. All depend on each other. It is not an exclusive relationship - everyone is important and every one can make a difference. The choice is yours. But remember I am here for you if you will but call."

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Upcoming events:
I have been asked to join the team of Healers and Psychics at the State of Being Wellness Learning & Spiritual Center located in Santa Barbara, California.  I am very excited to join this wonderful team. I will be available for giving Angel Readings and Crystal Therapy on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I will also be teaching classes later in the Fall. My next guest appearance on the Blog Talk Healing Fountain Radio Show will be later October. More information in the October newsletter.
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