September 2014

When August is a declining ember
Enter in, sweet September...
Now comes the time for changing color,
Miracles unfold, green to amber and gold.
How well my heart and I remember
My birthday month
— sweet September ~ By Joyce Hemsley

Welcome September! This is always my favorite time of year when summer comes

to a close and autumn begins. The fall colors of the leaves of rusts, gold and reds along with the cool breezes blowing the leaves around makes me happy. Children are now starting their new term in school making new friends. High School football games brings back memories of sipping hot cocoa, with warm fuzzy blankets on our laps and those cheery bonfires after the games.  I can just smell all those wonderful “smells” of autumn and feel the cool breezes blowing around me. I welcome autumn!

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Featured Crystal is:  Orange Aragonite Star Cluster

The energy of this lovely orange stone will balance and support your lower chakras and provide you with a feeling of stability within your life.  These stones have a higher vibration for allowing you to feel more grounded, fully present and centered. They may aid you to be more patient and to be more content about your life’s circumstances. The aragonite is a wonderful healer, healing you from pain in your lower back or other painful areas of the spine and neck. These lovely crystals are powerful aids to assist the healing and balancing of the emotional body and help you to overcome stress and anxiety. As they absorb negativity quite easily, make sure that you cleanse them very frequently. They may be cleaned by using water or “smoking” called saging for cleansing of your crystals but sea salt will scratch the delicate sheen of the crystal.


An Angel Card Reading:  AUTUMN


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This card is about reaping your rewards of harvest.  In the fall, many gardens of vegetables and fruits are at their height of ripening which is time to harvest. In our own lives this time of year is about our harvest, our dreaming our dreams and now asking for and receiving of our abundance. The end of the year is near, and the goals we had set in the beginning of the year are now coming to fruition, hence our abundance, so open your arms to receive all that you desire it is already yours for the “picking.”


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September Special:  “As Above, So Below” Crystal Grid placed over and under a particular Chakra that desires balance and re alignment. Mary will “sandwich you between” chakra coordinated colored crystals underneath your body and then the same colored coordinated crystals on top of you. (for example: for one’s self love using all green and pink for the Heart Chakra forming  a grid underneath you and then one on top of you.) Mary will discuss with you which one of your chakras will receive the “as above, so below” powerful healing energy from the crystal grid. This is a 30 minute session. Special pricing is $ 35.00    (and for more than one chakra this can be discussed with Mary on price and session time, thank you.)            Please send me an email:  for a session, Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.  Remote healing is available through Skype as energy can go anywhere to be received.


Upcoming Events

I have been asked to be a guest on other Blog Talk Radio Shows in the future and I will keep you posted on the various shows I will be a guest on. I would also like to thank all of you for calling in on the September 1st Blog Talk Radio Healing Fountain Show with Jeanne Christie as hostess, I thank you Jeanne Christie for inviting me back. I really enjoy your show!


I am currently teaching my Crystal Healing Course (conducted through Skype) and if you would like to learn about these wonderful crystals for your healing or for a healing career please send me an email:

I am available for Crystal and or Angel Workshops (conducted through Skype). The Crystal Workshop brings you knowledge about the healing and protection properties of crystals and how to use them for the greater good.  The Angel Workshop is about how to connect with your angels.  Please send me an email for more information about presenting a workshop to you or to a group. Please email me at:   and thank you!

A Crystal Healing Party How would you like to host a Crystal Healing Party? I would come to your home; (in my area) you would host the party and invite four or five of your friends to attend. The host or hostess would receive a free gift of a 20 minute Basic Crystal Healing (for hosting the party) Each guest would pay $30.00 for his or her 20 minute  Basic Crystal Healing. This is an enjoyable energy receiving experience which benefits all who attend.  You may contact me at:   and thank you I look forward to “booking” this “happy healing” experience for you and your guests.


May your month of September be filled with many magical moments!!

Angel Hugs,