March 2015

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Spring to all of you!  Are you finding that after all the winter snow, icy rains,  and being kept inside all day, that you desire some sunshine and outdoor gardening this month?  I am finding this too that my mind and body want to get outside and smell the flowers, get my hands muddy and listen to the birds sing.  I took the winter months off to learn and take part in some very powerful healing sessions for myself and now I am ready to get back into the “spring of things!” I welcome new beginnings and spring is that time of year for “in with the new and out with the old!”

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Featured Crystal is a Rainbow Moonstone

This stone is a highly Spiritual stone for both men and women. It is said that this stone connects both male and female energy to the vibration of Mother Gaia. These beautiful stones reflect within them those magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon. Within men, its energy may influence your brain, and aid you to become more emotionally balanced as the right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative. For women, this stimulates the feminine 'Goddess' energy! The Moonstone is a crystal that enhances your feelings and encourages deepening desires, eager expectations and heartfelt resolves that holds deep within the seated nature of feminine energy. Of all the various colored Moonstones, the Rainbow Moonstone is the most sought after for its lovely displays of rainbow colors. Each of these rainbow colors reminds me of the rows and rows of brightly colored tulips that grow in the spring. The energy from these stones allows you to feel complete joy and a profound deep awareness of your journey.  It is said that in carrying or mediating with this stone will strengthen your psychic abilities.


An Angel Card Reading:  The Moon, Archangel Haniel

This card states;” The opportunity to improve your plans. Listen to your intuition for accurate guidance.  Face your fears and grow stronger.” This angel is with you now and desires you to know that the Universe is lighting your way forward just like the beams of the full moon light a path. The time to release your fears is now as these fears are blocking you from all that you desire in your life. When you struggle with your fears then you dull your light, so stop the struggle and release those fears and shine your light like the beams of the full moon that shines the light on your path. A perfect time to let go of the fear and bring in the love, the winter darkness is gone and the spring time light shines now.


March Special:  Auric Clearing and Body Balancing

Mary uses a feather wand and burns sage around your body. The wand and sage (swirled around your outer body) cleanses your aura of any negativity energy or any weaknesses in the aura. Mary will then place Clear Quartz Crystals all around the outside of your aura, then one placed on your brow, solar plexus, feet and hands.  Mary will call on Archangel Raphael to guide her hands to bring loving energy back into your body. The feather wand (again swirled around your body moving the energy) is used to bring energy back into your body, a feeling of strength and rejuvenation for your body which will get rid of the winter darkness and bring back the sunshine energy into your body.  This 30 minute session for April’s special is $40.00 and can be given remotely through Skype, (if international), or phone call (in the USA).

email:  for a 30 minute session, Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.


 Upcoming Events

I have joined an “on-line” Spiritual Group called Doves 4 Peace, Brother Sean is the presider of this group and here is the website:  Each presenter talks about spiritual information on what their passion is about to serve the community and promote peace throughout the world.

I am one of the many presenters and here is my video clip of my presentation given on March 24th; Introducing Archangel Michael:

My next presentations will be on April 21st, 2015 the link to listen in and to ”chat in the chat room” is:  thank you!

I am available for teaching my Crystal Healing Course (conducted through Skype) and if you would like to learn more about these wonderful crystals for your healing or for a healing career please send me an email:

 Are you interested in having a Crystal and or Angel Workshops? (conducted through Skype). The Crystal Workshop brings you knowledge about the healing and protection properties of crystals and how to use them for the greater good.  The Angel Workshop is about how to connect with your angels.  Please send me an email for more information about presenting a workshop to you or to a group. Please email me at:   and thank you!

A Crystal Healing Party How would you like to host a Crystal Healing Party? I would come to your home; (in my area) you would host the party and invite four or five of your friends to attend. The host or hostess would receive a free gift of a 20 minute Basic Crystal Healing (for hosting the party) Each guest would pay $25.00 for his or her 20 minute  Basic Crystal Healing. This is an enjoyable energy receiving experience which benefits all who attend.  You may contact me at:   and thank you I look forward to “booking” this “happy healing” experience for you and your guests.


A Realm Reading

Have you ever wondered what realm you are from? Have you ever wondered why you are here? Have you ever wondered why you feel you do not fit in? Why do you look like you do? Would you like to have answers to these questions or answers to other questions you may have?   This 30 minute session is $50.00 and can be given through Skype, (if international), phone call or through email. I would like to request a photo of you for this reading, thank you and I will ask questions of you too.  For your preference: Please send me an email:  for a 30 minute session, Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.

 Blessings and Happy Spring to you Dear Friends and Family,