May 2015

The young May moon is beaming, love.
The glow-worm’s lamp is gleaming, love.
How sweet to rove,
Through Morna’s grove,
When the drowsy world is dreaming, love!
Then awake! — the heavens look bright, my dear,
’Tis never too late for delight, my dear,
And the best of all ways
To lengthen our days
Is to steal a few hours from the night, my dear!”
— Thomas Moore, The Young May Moon

The month of May always reminds me of beautiful flowers, fields of rainbow colored flowers, blowing in the breeze for as far as your eyes can see.  The first day of May is called “Beltane" or "May Day”, where young maidens dance around a May Pole decorated with ribbons and flowers in celebration of fertility.  Beltane which is a Pagan custom is a day of celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of summer.   Large bonfires were built and people would burn offerings of food and flowers for fertility.  Many would dance around the fire or run through the fire.  May is also the month to honor our moms on Mother’s Day!  This is a day of the year when moms can relax and be treated as the queens that they are.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms! 

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Featured Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, a May birthstone, is one of the most sought after protection and grounding stone. It connects one from the root chakra (First chakra) to Mother Earth. It can protect, deflect, and repel all negativity energies, whether directed or not. Black tourmaline is very effective around negative spells and directed ill intentions on the part of other.

Black Tourmaline is also effective in environments of negative energies and or entities. Assist in emotional stability, physical wellbeing and clarity of the mind in negative and chaotic situations. It helps one to maintain a positive outlook, during times of despair.

Black Tourmaline can assist one in staying grounded and practical in one’s creative pursuits, allowing one to “keep it real” while opening to one’s imagination. This stone is also a “Shamanic Stone” protecting one while during ritual work and can be used for scrying.

This stone is wonderful for soothing panic attacks, especially those caused by dark or confined spaces, or in places where the atmosphere is frightening. It also helps control fears of doctors or dentists.


An Angel Card Reading:  TAKE A STEP BACK

“Thank you Angels for helping me to step back from what’s not serving me.”

Your angels are asking you to step back and assess the new idea that you are working on.  Slow down and take your time, as there is no rush on this.  Is this what you desire to do?  Does this feel good in your heart and mind?  Are you forcing this idea upon yourself because someone told you that you have to do this?   It is time to step back and look at the big picture and allow things to develop naturally.  There is no reason to force anything, as this is all about Divine timing.  Enjoy your life!


May Special:  A Protection Crystal Grid with Chakra Balancing

Mary will use both black tourmaline, hematite and clear quartz crystals intermixed around the outside of your body to form a protective grid around you and then she will burn sage around you.  Mary will then take the color-coordinated chakra crystals and place these on your chakras.  This will not only remove all negative energies but will protect your aura from any negative energies or entities from attaching to you.  You will also have the benefit of a chakra balancing too.  This 30-minute session is $55.00.   Please contact Mary via   Payment is conducted through Paypal.  Thank you.

Upcoming Events

I have joined an on-line spiritual group called Doves 4 Peace.  Brother Sean is the presider of this group and here is the website:   Presenters talk about spiritual information, what their community service passions are, and about promoting peace throughout the world.

 I am a presenter in this group.  Here is a video clip of my presentation given on April 21st; Introducing Archangel Raquel: and the meditation link is:

My next presentations will be on May 19th and the link to listen in and chat in the chat room is: .  Thank you!

 I am available for teaching my Crystal Healing Course which can be conducted through Skype or in person in your home.  If you would like to learn more about these crystals for your healing or for a healing career please send me an email:

 Are you interested in having a Crystal or an Angel Workshop?  This can be conducted through Skype or in the privacy of your home.  The Crystal Workshop brings you knowledge about the healing and protection properties of crystals and how to use them for the greater good.  The Angel Workshop is about how to connect with your angels.  Please send me an email for more information about presenting a workshop to you or to a group. Please email me at:   and thank you!

 A Crystal Healing Party

How would you like to host a Crystal Healing Party?  I would come to your home if local.   You would host the party and invite four or five of your friends to attend.  You would receive a free gift of a 20 minute Basic Crystal Healing for hosting the party.   Each guest would pay $25.00 for his or her 20 minute  Basic Crystal Healing.  This is an enjoyable energy-receiving experience which benefits all who attend.  You may contact me at:   and thank you.   I look forward to booking this happy-healing experience for you and your guests.

 A Realm Reading

Have you ever wondered what Earth Angel Realm you are from?  Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Have you ever wondered why you feel you do not fit in?  Why do you look like you do?  Would you like to have answers to these questions or other questions you may have?   This 30 minute session is $50.00 and can be given through a Skype session, or via email, or if you are local in the privacy of your home.  I would like to request a photo of you for this reading.  Please send me an email at for further information.  Payment is conducted through Paypal.  Thank you.

 Blessings Be Dear Friends and Family,