June 2015

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
— John Lubbock, The Use Of Life

June is such a happy time!  Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st which is the longest day of the year.  Children are enjoying their summer vacation from school and moms are packing up for the annual summer camping trips.  The gardens are filled with baby plants with little flowering buds and bees happily buzzing about them.  Fruit is starting to ripen on the trees and everyone is anxiously waiting to eat the succulent treats.  I wish you all a happy summer!!!

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Featured Crystal: Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits.  It opens one's awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts one's mood through its positive vibrations.  When one is under this beautiful jasper’s energy, it is difficult to take one's problems and dissatisfactions as seriously as one normally does.  Ocean Jasper helps lift the veil of negativity which many people unconsciously wear over their eyes, and when this veil is lifted, it is much easier to see and appreciate the many blessings of life.  Ocean Jasper stimulates the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras with its healing vibrations, helping one to feel, speak and act more positively, supports the expression of love in one's words and deeds, and helps one to realize what and whom one truly loves.  It banishes complacency and the habit of taking one's loved ones, health, prosperity and security for granted.  It brings one's consciousness to the present moment, relieving worry about the future or bitterness about the past.  It allows one to release stress and escapism and helps one understand the value of the here and now.


An Angel Card Reading:  Healing With the Angels Oracle Card, Playfulness by Doreen Virtue

 Your angels desire that you play and enjoy your life for you have been working too hard these days.  Playfulness is getting in touch with your inner child so you can have that joy and innocence that children have.  Let your worries and demands of work go and just be in the flow.  When you can laugh and play you have joy and happiness which is relaxing for you.  When you are relaxed you have a greater flow of ideas and have a much deeper connection with the Divine.  Allow yourself to enjoy life and take time out for you, as this will make a much happier life for you and everyone around you.

June Special:  An Angel Reading Using Oracle Cards

Mary will receive messages for you from your angels, by using two Oracle decks of cards.  Mary will give you the answers you seek from two questions that you ask from your angels and guides.  This reading is 30 minutes long, and the June special is for $40.00.   Please contact Mary through her email  at: mary@divinehealingwithmary.com .  Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.

Upcoming Events

I have been invited to join my sister in law, Debby Shaw-Sangster who is a medium, to give Angel readings and messages to a group at UCSB on Friday June 12th from 2:00pm till 4:30 pm.

I am available for teaching my Crystal Healing Course ( can be conducted through Skype) OR in person in your home. If you would like to learn more about these wonderful crystals for your healing or for a healing career please send me an email: mary@divinehealingwithmary.com

Are you interested in having a Crystal and/or Angel Workshop?  This can be conducted through Skype or it can be conducted in the privacy of your home.  The Crystal Workshop brings you knowledge about the healing and protection properties of crystals and how to use them for the greater good.  The Angel Workshop is about how to connect with your angels.  Please send me an email for more information about presenting a workshop to you or to a group. Please email me at: mary@divinehealingwithmary.com   and thank you!

A Crystal Healing Party

How would you like to host a Crystal Healing Party?  If you are local, I would come to your home and you would host the party and invite four or five of your friends to attend.  For hosting the party, the host or hostess would receive a free gift of a 20-minute Basic Crystal Healing.  Each guest would pay $25.00 for his or her 20-minute Basic Crystal Healing.  This is an enjoyable energy receiving experience which benefits all who attend.  You may contact me at mary@divinehealingwithmary.com   and thank you.  I look forward to booking this happy healing experience for you and your guests.

A Realm Reading

Have you ever wondered what Earth Angel Realm you are from?  Have you ever wondered why you are here?  Have you ever wondered why you feel you do not fit in?  Why do you look like you do?  Would you like to have answers to these questions or answers to other questions you may have?   This 30 minute session is $50.00 and can be given through Skype, phone call, email, or in the privacy of your home if local.  Prior to the session I would like to have a photo of you and ask a few questions about yourself.  To arrange a session, please send me an email at mary@divinehealingwithmary.com .  Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.

 Happy Summer Blessings,