August 2015

Call upon Angels to polish the jewels inside your thoughts and feelings, for within every fear or worry is a shining energy of love. Today be aware of your amazing power of manifestation. Know that in everything you think and feel, the entire universe is fully supporting you.
— Doreen Virtue

The above quote from Doreen Virtue is always a favorite of mine for such busy times!!!  August is a hectic month since many schools are starting their fall semester, and parents are scrambling to get their kids ready for school. Teachers are feeling the crunch too as their summer vacation is coming to a fast close and the stress of new kids and new challenges for the year are hanging over their heads!!! I can recall my earlier years of motherhood with crazily preparing my children for their new school year with purchasing school supplies, backpacks, clothes and shoes and figuring out carpooling schedules. Then it would hit me all of a sudden with that overwhelming feeling of, “wow where did summer go and gosh my kids grew fast this summer!” As I got older and realized that I am not alone, I have angel helpers helping me to feel more calm.

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Featured Crystal: Peridot

Ancient peoples used this crystal in their magic rituals as an amulet and symbol of protection to defy evil forces. In ancient Greece it was used during divination rituals. The pre-Christian Celtic priests wore this stone for protection. Peridot was also popular among Native American Indians as they used it for jewelry making.  Peridot strengthens intuition and enables an easier contact with the higher, more spiritual planes.  It is also a protective stone that creates a shield around the auric field of the wearer. On the physical level, Peridot encourages a deep, sound sleep. It helps the heart, bloodstream, lungs and digestive system. It improves the immunity and regulates the functioning of the glandular system. Peridot helps heal ulcers and digestive problems. It is also good for the skin, hair and nails. This stone is the color of medium green to greenish yellow.  It is a stone for the heart chakra. Wearing this stone can help one to move forward instead of feeling trapped in non-movement.  In addition, it is capable of healing and harmonizing all interpersonal relationships, especially the marital relationship, where it can reduce the amount of stress, rage and jealousy. When the ego is hurt, this stone helps in healing it more easily. This is the birthstone for August.


An Angel Card Reading: Ten of Earth, Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot

This card states: A very happy family life, financial security, and finding magic in the little things in life. The angels are bringing you a message that your “family life”, which could mean either your blood family or your family of friends or community, is secure and strong and that you can relate to these people lovingly as you give and receive great comfort and support from each other. You have brought abundance about for yourself with loving relationships as well as financial and good business sense. Since you have worked at manifesting abundance, your angels desire that you now take time to enjoy the little things in life. Take a walk on the beach or a walk in nature amongst the trees or enjoy watching the stars at night. Take your inner child to a park and swing on the swings and let your hair fly with the wind. The little things in life are joy filled ways to connect us to the beauty all around us.


August Special:  Auric Clearing and Body Balancing

Mary uses a feather wand and burns sage around your body. The wand and sage (swirled around your outer body) cleanses your aura of any negativity energy and weaknesses. Mary will then place Clear Quartz Crystals all around the outside of your aura, and one placed on your brow, solar plexus, feet and hands.  Mary will call on Archangel Raphael to guide her hands to bring loving energy back into your body. The feather wand (again swirled around your body to move the energy) is used to bring energy, strength and rejuvenation back into your body.  Since energy has no boundaries this auric clearing and energy enhancing can be done remotely. This special is $44.00  for a 30 minute session. This can be conducted through Skype or by phone call.  Please contact Mary through her email and thank you. Payment is conducted through Paypal.

Upcoming Events

I am available for teaching my Crystal Healing Course (which can be conducted through Skype) OR in person in your home. If you would like to learn more about these wonderful crystals for your healing or for a healing career please send me an email:

Are you interested in having a Crystal and or Angel Workshops?  This can be conducted through Skype, or in the privacy of your home as a group. The Crystal Workshop brings you knowledge about the healing and protection properties of crystals and how to use them for the greater good.  The Angel Workshop is about how to connect with your angels.  Please send me an email for more information about presenting a workshop to you or to a group. Please email me at:   and thank you!

A Crystal Healing Party

How would you like to host a Crystal Healing Party?  If you are local I would come to your home and you would host the party and invite four or five of your friends to attend. For hosting the party, the host or hostess would receive a free gift of a 20 minute Basic Crystal Healing. Each guest would pay $25.00 for his or her 20 minute  Basic Crystal Healing. This is an enjoyable energy receiving experience which benefits all who attend.  You may contact me at:   and thank you. I look forward to “booking” this “happy healing” experience for you and your guests. 

A Realm Reading

Have you ever wondered what Earth Angel Realm you are from? Have you ever wondered why you are here? Have you ever wondered why you feel you do not fit in? Why do you look like you do? Would you like to have answers to these questions or answers to other questions you may have?   This 30 minute session is $50.00 and can be given through Skype, phone call or email, or in the privacy of your home if local. I would like to request a photo of you for this reading, thank you and I will ask questions of you too.  For your preference: Please send me an email:  for a 30 minute session, Payment is conducted through Paypal, thank you.

Blessings Be Dear Ones,