Message: I just received a crystal grid therapy healing session from Mary and it was amazing to say the least! Mary lays crystal cards below your body and unpolished crystals on top of your body so you’re ‘sandwiched’ in-between their wonderful healing energy. Immediately I felt their energy and the energy of Archangel Raphael working on my discomfort in my lower back, and then the energy moved up my spine and onto my painful neck and shoulders. I’m still feeling floaty and relaxed after an hour and a half! Thank you so much Mary! I highly recommend this healing. ♥ ♥
— Deborah Faith, Mexico City

Message: My reading with Mary was directly in line with other messages and signs I had been receiving. I could feel the love coming through Mary’s reading. She was genuine and heartfelt, and wanted to help as much as possible. The angels spoke clearly through her to let go of fear and trust my inner guidance. Mary is very knowledgeable in the area she is working in, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing or guidance. Namaste!
— Heidi Fruhling

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Mary…….the aquamarine crystal enjoyed it so much that it stayed with me! Brief description of what happened: as I sat up after the session, I felt that one of the crystals slipped down my body, but when we looked for it, we couldn’t find it. After Mary left, I found it somehow lodged in my clothing. One of those impossible-to-explain occurrences that feels like it must have some special meaning. Its daily presence in my life continues to bring the peace that began with Mary’s session.”
— Judy - Santa Barbara, California

Every single healing session I have had with Mary has been an individual miracle and a true divine gift. From knee pain that was endured for months to walking pain free after 20 minutes of healing. The examples abound. Her connection with Source and Intuition is so strong and this makes each healing carry the pure energy of unconditional love. She is just as fantastic in healing the physical body as she is with the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Most definately Mary is one of a kind.
— - Eva G. - New York City

My crystal healing session with Mary was heavenly! I found a sense of peace during our healing session that lasted for several weeks. I had noticeable changes with my breathing (I have asthma) and my sense of well-being. Mary also read the cards for me and I received support about some issue going on at the time. The energy Mary works with brought more healing, lifting and joy into my awareness and my home. I plan and look forward to having another session with Mary again! While clarity can come during a session with Mary, I don’t consider it an intellectual process, but rather a receiving of the healing of the Heart.”
— Ellie G. - Santa Barbara, California

I have had the great fortune to experience crystal healings with Mary both in her presence and remotely. Each experience was unique and special. Mary explains everything as she goes along, gently placing the crystals where they will do the most good. She customizes each clearing and is guided to choose crystals that will most benefit the recipient. The first time experiencing the healing I was with Mary and became so relaxed I fell asleep at the end of the session. The second time I had the healing remotely. This time I felt my right hand sitting on top of the comforter of my bed, while my left had was pressed into the comforter. After mentioning this to Mary she explained that she had a larger, heavier crystal on my left hand. As we were doing this over the phone I had no way of knowing this. I was amazed! Later she had several crystals from just below my heart chakra up to my throat chakra. I told her that my chest felt like it was expanding. I felt like a balloon was inside my chest and the balloon was being inflated. This feeling of an inflated heart chakra was very striking to me. It was enlarged without any pressure or discomfort. I was overflowing with joy. I am forever grateful for Mary’s gifts and how she is a conduit for healing.
— Naomi M. - Glenview, Illinois

Mary, I want to thank you for the most amazing experience with your crystals. I have always believed the rocks and crystals have energy and that we need to tap into. You have that connection. The way you placed the perfect crystals in the right place to heal my threat of breast cancer. This is an old illnesse that had plagued me for years and how the crystals moved releasing that negative energy. Since my experience with you, the 3 cysts have reduced in size and are benign. My energy level has improved and I am feeling much stronger. Thank you for the experience and the love.
— Sharon Affinati - Chicago

Mary is a most miraculous healer! She has such a divine connection and understanding with crystals, she is able to instantly pick the crystal to use for any given issue. This has been a simple piece of advice I receive from her, when I have problem, such as: finding my voice, strains in a joint, a headache, or emotional heartache. I had an awesome remote healing session, for a massive headache I was suffering from. To spite a phone disconnection, she continued with the healing, and I continued to lie in position and receive the energy. My head became so open to this lightness of being, with an amazing sensation of floating in all my higher chakras! It was a Divine Healing indeed!
— Chrissy G. - North Central Pennsylvania

My healing sessions with Mary are simply wonderful! I am transported to a place of absolute peace and tranquility. My body feels a sense of heaviness and complete relaxation. All pain and stress is forgotten. Mary opens my chakra’s helping my body’s chi to flow to enable self-healing. As I lay on my bed in Mexico, Mary lays her crystals on me in her healing room in California, and I can immediately feel their healing energy and the gentle healing energy of Archangel Raphael. Mary is truly a remarkable healer!
— Debbie E. - Mexico